Thursday, July 11, 2013

Berry Shire Kickstarter!

My co-workers and friends really have this great idea. And we are a crazy mash up of skills that can make it happen, the only thing missing is money.

 We want to make a series based on a play of one of our friends about two twin princes that switch bodies (ignore all thoughts of cliches) and it's pretty funny. It's going to be called Berry Shire.

We set up a Berry Shire Kickstarter so raise funds. Kickstarter works by collecting pledges of all sizes. We have 30 days (JUST 30 DAYS!) to collect all or nothing. We have some rewards for various pledge rates.

For more info, check out our Berry Shire home page for info on us, the project and out long term goals!

Go See The Lone Ranger- Audiences Score it at 73% Awesome

Yeah, go see it. It's a fantastic movie. Shhh, ignore the reviews, they lie! Nope, hush. See it. Just go.

I'll be the first to admit I'm getting Johny Depp fatigue. It's not that he is a bad actor, it is mostly his crazy, diverse characters seem redundant and now charmless. But don't let him deter you from seeing The Lone Ranger. And don't let the critics deter you either. I think Depp deterred the critics and that's why it has bad reviews. Not because it is a bad film. Somewhere there is a collective mental grudge against Depp and or Disney's non-comic based tentpole movies. Also, I'm not a fan of Westerns. It's not really as Western. It is, but it isn't.

The movie was a great story. More story based than action based at moments, but that should never be considered a fault. It's an origin story about how the Lone Ranger became the Lone Ranger and on a parallel line, how Tonto became the Tonto to mentor and guide the Lone Ranger. I'm going to compare it to Zorro from the 90's with Antonio Banderas. I used to think the movie was slow and clunky and lacked action. Know why? Cause it was an origin story. But the fact is you can't have these characters without explaining, in depth, their motivations. And to compare Lone Ranger and Zorro, Lone Ranger is far more interesting and action packed.

If, in my opinion, (which reflects 73% of the audience) is that its a fun romp. It's not mindless, but it isn't complicated. But it's told with a sense of mystery as to where the audience becomes engaged and want to figure out the evil plot. And the villains... they are great villains. Classic yet original, creepy and yet you want more of them. The actions sequences are spectacular, especially the last 20 minutes when the William Tell Overture plays. Aside from John Carter (which also is a great movie according to audience scores) I've never wanted a sequel so much from a movie that most likely will not get one. UNLESS YOU GO SEE IT!

Some things to consider. It is violent. I'm not sure what age should go, it's your call. But it's not a PG Disney movie.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Weekend at Tampa/ St. Petes.---Berryshire News

We went on a weekend trip to the Tampa/St. Pete area (crazily after a long week at work) and we did so much that I might take a while to cover it. But we went to Busch Gardens cause I can't stop theme parking. We also went to the beach and got burned, by accident of course. Then we hit Acropolis, our friend's favorite place to eat. It was Greek and it was yummy.

On a separate note, I finally finished the tedious set up for Kickstarter! It should be going live in a few days. I know that all of 125 views on this blog, so I'm not even preaching to the choir, but we really really really want to get this all together.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Berry Shire

So me and some co-workers are trying to produce a web series. It would be based on a friend's play.

Here's the project description.

We are a bunch of clever people from random backgrounds who met at work. We are writers, film makers and crazies who feel we have something clever and distinct to contribute to the web. Inspired by Felicia Day and her series, The Guild, we are set out so make the next, somewhat no-budget web series that tickles everyone who watches. We have a season planned based on a play written by our friend Joey Mayberry. If the first season takes off, we want to continue exploring the citizens of Berry Shire.
The funds will allow us to purchase some basic film equipment, such as lights and cables. We will also use it to build sets, buy puppets, costumes and rent a sound stage.
We have a pool of writers who get along well, but we feel confident that if the story is not going as we would like, we can effectively rewrite the series as needed.

We plan to have a few directors and finger crossed that we can come to a stable style and look to the series. This we can only figure out once we get a few episodes in.

Having a few bloggers and connections in the group, we feel that we can drum up the viewership to high levels. So much so, that we hope (though don't consider it a priority) that we maybe able to make money off the series to keep producing the series or other series on the channel. In the long run we hope to set up a place where co-workers and friends can produce videos and series to express their creative processes.

We need funds to get the thing started. We have both a GoFundme account

And a kickstarter fund on the way. Please help!

A Very Delayed Star Wars Weekends Post. AKA Post Star Wars Post.

I caught Star Wars weekends for two weekends. I don't remember which ones, but one of them was during the Gay Days week. Gays, geeks and gay geeks  unite!

The parade, being starkly low budget, is one of the better Disney parades at WDW IMO. Here are some mediocre pics.

After the parade, we headed to Darth's Mall, which is nothing but awesome sauce spread on a sundae. There was a really awesome Lego thing where you get a tiny square on which you fill in the blocks by matching the colors to complete a large mural. Genius.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Afternoon Tea

Okay I'm hooked. Second post in less than one episode of Castle.... crazy I know.

But the dealio is that there is a lot of catching up to do! Let us start with tea!

Another thing I'm addicted to, and the guilty pleasure that hurts my wallet the most is afternoon tea at the Grand Floridian.

After hearing a fascinating piece on afternoon tea on NPR, I always had in interest in a formal afternoon tea. It actually took my friend Hayley to drag me to The Garden View Tea Room at the Grand Flo.
Hayley and Joey, also doing blogging-ish things.
Well I can say that 2.5 hours and six pots of tea later, we had a really cool time. I chose an organic peach tea from the seasonal spring menu. They have all year round blends too to chose from. The tea Hayley and I chose came with, namely, tea along with a glass of Ironhorse Fairy Tale Cuvee, a plate of sandwiches that included chicken salad with curry, cucumber, and a pear Gorgonzola cheese thing...and pate. Followed by an onion tart. Followed by a scone with jam and Devenshire cream. And then a choice of trifle, strawberries and cream or two small pastries.
Tea, Cuvee and massive tea cozy.

All the yummy things!
 Needless to say it was filling. It cam in courses, and thankfully so because the tiny tables were crowded out by the giant sized tea cozies.
Add caption

My trifle was so yummy. I took forever eating it to make it last. All good things must come to an end though.

That afternoon we also explored the shops at the Grand Flo. There is a Basins and you bet that we washed our hands testing out the scrubs. We also perused the men's shop where I would later end up buying bow ties. We looked at purses (not for me) and walked around the grounds. Before Tea, we went to Animal Kingdom for it's 15th anniversary (it was Earth Day) and then went home for some board games (there was an epic game of Upwords).

Back to tea. I recommend it. It cost about $15 kids and around $30 to $50 for adults. It's a meal, if that helps justify it. Make sure to take your time. Tea is meant to take hours, so don't do it if you are feeling that vacation rush to fit everything in, or nay, you should, it's a great time out for relaxing.
Hello everyone!

I'm skipper Adam. Making a small splash in the world of travel media, I am a contributor for Theme Park Insider, The Relocated Tourist and Disney by the Numbers, and work with Orlando Attractions Magazine the Show.

Long story short, I'm ready to start my own little ditty on the web. I have another dinky blog called Skipper Adam Pin Trades, and thus far I've been distracted to do as much as I want with that. But I'll get the hang of this.

This blog is about discovering things that were cool before they were cool. Yes, the hipster POV. While I'm not exactly hardcore hipster, I am a fan of the vintage and the old.

Let me start with a little personal project that I am doing. I'm sending post cards to my cousin in Texas.  So I'll post all the ones I send as I send them. I've sounds come cool ones at Theme Park Connection, where there are some cool old post cards for cheap.
My cousin has never been to Disney. That's strictly un-American and so I'm gonna send him great visuals of what he is missing. Here's the first one.