Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hello everyone!

I'm skipper Adam. Making a small splash in the world of travel media, I am a contributor for Theme Park Insider, The Relocated Tourist and Disney by the Numbers, and work with Orlando Attractions Magazine the Show.

Long story short, I'm ready to start my own little ditty on the web. I have another dinky blog called Skipper Adam Pin Trades, and thus far I've been distracted to do as much as I want with that. But I'll get the hang of this.

This blog is about discovering things that were cool before they were cool. Yes, the hipster POV. While I'm not exactly hardcore hipster, I am a fan of the vintage and the old.

Let me start with a little personal project that I am doing. I'm sending post cards to my cousin in Texas.  So I'll post all the ones I send as I send them. I've sounds come cool ones at Theme Park Connection, where there are some cool old post cards for cheap.
My cousin has never been to Disney. That's strictly un-American and so I'm gonna send him great visuals of what he is missing. Here's the first one.

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