Saturday, June 22, 2013

Berry Shire

So me and some co-workers are trying to produce a web series. It would be based on a friend's play.

Here's the project description.

We are a bunch of clever people from random backgrounds who met at work. We are writers, film makers and crazies who feel we have something clever and distinct to contribute to the web. Inspired by Felicia Day and her series, The Guild, we are set out so make the next, somewhat no-budget web series that tickles everyone who watches. We have a season planned based on a play written by our friend Joey Mayberry. If the first season takes off, we want to continue exploring the citizens of Berry Shire.
The funds will allow us to purchase some basic film equipment, such as lights and cables. We will also use it to build sets, buy puppets, costumes and rent a sound stage.
We have a pool of writers who get along well, but we feel confident that if the story is not going as we would like, we can effectively rewrite the series as needed.

We plan to have a few directors and finger crossed that we can come to a stable style and look to the series. This we can only figure out once we get a few episodes in.

Having a few bloggers and connections in the group, we feel that we can drum up the viewership to high levels. So much so, that we hope (though don't consider it a priority) that we maybe able to make money off the series to keep producing the series or other series on the channel. In the long run we hope to set up a place where co-workers and friends can produce videos and series to express their creative processes.

We need funds to get the thing started. We have both a GoFundme account

And a kickstarter fund on the way. Please help!

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